We Have A Studio!!

Almost four months ago I, Tiffany, signed the lease on a lovely little place in downtown Greensburg, PA. It is perfect for me and I absolutely love it! There is just enough space for a beautiful meeting room for bridal consultations and clients to review there photos on our big TV. We also now have a Gallery Room where I have several of my landscape pieces on display for your eyes appetite and also for ordering. Think that is sounding like a nice place? Well we also have rather spacious studio area upstairs. This area is not fully finished but I have been slowly working on it. I never realized how much a studio costs. Oops! But wait, there is more! I also have a wonderful office space to better sever my design clients along with a spare room off my office. I have no idea what I will do with this room but no need to fear I will soon find a purpose for it. All in all I have been blessed with the most perfect studio space for TJZ Creations Photography and Design.

Greensburg, PA Photography
Meet Room Sneak Peak!


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