Big Day, Little Details Wedding Photographer Workshop FAQ

Q: What is this workshop about?

A: All of the small things that make weddings such memorable events. We all know the “money shots” when it comes to wedding photography:  The first kiss, the father-daughter dance, the toasts. But a wedding represents the union of two lives in love and includes so many small details that make it special. We want to focus on the small details of a wedding because they are a big deal to couples! From the cookies baked by the groom’s grandma on the Pittsburgh cookie table to the “something blue” sapphire earrings gifted to the bride, these tiny things deserve a spot in the photo album to help the couple to relive these moments for years to come.

Q: When and where?

A: March 3rd, 2024 Station House 7 in Delmont.  (7 Greensburg St, Delmont, PA 15626)

We felt this was the PERFECT venue for this workshop because its two levels offer very different natural lighting options. Downstairs is dark and industrial, while upstairs is bright and neutral. 

Q: Who is it for?
A: Wedding photographers of all skill levels! Whether you’re on your 100th wedding of the year or are just starting to dip your toes into wedding photography, this workshop is a great place for you to network with others, expand your portfolio with trendy wedding themes, and update your marketing photography.  

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You, your biggest wedding photography questions, and a camera! We recommend bringing a DSLR with your favorite lenses, SD cards, batteries, and a flash, but entry-level cameras will work as well! If you haven’t invested in a camera yet, there are plenty of camera rental options. Having a laptop or notepad is also a good idea. 

Q: What is included?

A: Independent shooting time at each of our four themed areas, answers to any questions you may have or any that may pop up during the process, guidance from the perspective of a wedding planner and wedding photographer, behind-the-scenes content for you to use on social media, a professional headshot, as well as snacks and refreshments! 

Q: Is there a schedule for the afternoon?

A: We want you to get exactly what you want out of this workshop, so the bulk of it will be open for you to use as you like. We will introduce ourselves at the beginning of the workshop and give you more information on our backgrounds, but then we will allow you to take your time to explore and experiment.

We can’t wait to see you at the Big Day, Little Details Wedding Photographer Workshop!

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