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Have you have ever thought about how you could photograph a wedding more efficiently or wished you were more confident at

 photographing weddings? Maybe you can photograph a wedding, but don’t know where to be when or how to help your couples 

plan their day and it all makes your head spin. These two wedding photographer workshops have been designed to help you 

whether you are a new or an experienced photographer.

 Join me for one of two workshops!

Wedding Day Walk-Through Workshop

March 29th & 30th, 2025

Big Day, Little Details Workshop

Spring 2026


In December of 2015 Tiffany launched the Greensburg Pennsylvania Rising Tide Group. The Rising Tide is a group of creative entrepreneurs gathering with a common goal of community that edifies other creatives. Join Us today by visiting our Facebook Page!   


Ready to feel confident photographing a wedding? Want to grow your portfolio? Feel like you are missing something on a wedding day and you need more education? Would you like to know more about wedding planning to better help you execute wedding days and help clients?⁠
The Wedding Workshop is held annually during the spring. It is a 2 day mastermind workshop intensive complete with a full faux wedding to add to your portfolio.⁠

There are 2 ticket options: ⁠

2 Day Workshop Ticket + Meals⁠

1 Day Workshop Ticket: Faux wedding day on Sunday with Meals ⁠

Learn more about the workshop here and follow on Facebook for updates on this year’s workshop. 

With over 17+ years of experience as a photographer we also offer mentorship for photographers who want to learn under an experienced photographer. Request a mentor session with Tiffany here.  


Jackson Signature Photography Photographer Mentor Sessions

I’ve spent 16 years learning ropes and I want to share that knowledge. Don’t make the same mistakes I did, learn from them. I want to be a help and resource for you as you begin your business, as you grow your business or maybe even as your pivot your focus in business. 

Mentors sessions are all created around what you would like to learn. Each session topic is customized to what you need to learn and I then create a curriculum based on that topic. You can opt for a singular session, or if you would like to cover more topics, I have a multiple session option as well.


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