The Jacksons Weekly | 8.12.19

NEW AND EXCITING: Remember how last week I said I had some exciting news, well here it is… I am an Usborne “book lady.” I went out in search of an old favorite book from my childhood and some “school books” for Caroline. Next thing I knew I had to may books that I wanted so I did the next best thing to ordering them all at once and became a “book lady.”

My official lunch party is tonight at 8:30PM online but you can order anytime. If you would like to support my new endeavor, enter to win free books or simply check out the books; send me a message.

My direct Usborne “book lady” store link can be found HERE. 



JACKSON SIGNATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: I had the most grand senior session on Tuesday with Alexis! She is one of our Class of 2020 senior models and we headed into downtown Pittsburgh for her senior portrait session. Her modern style paired oh so well with some super cute South Side architecture and the hot metal bridge.

I ONE MORE summer senior portrait session left!!!  INQUIRE HERE to reserve the last summer senior portrait session.


AROUND THE HOUSE: Our side mini wrap around porch is getting closer and closer to being done. Finding the extra time to work on this house is so tough but I am proud of what we have done in the last 5 years. Moving the dinning room to the sunporch has by far been my favorite choice.

LITTLE MISS CAROLINE: What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this little one. She is getting more and more grownup by the second. Snails now make a motor news when pushed, a new flashlight has been added to her collection, she drinks her milk out of her cereal bowl and her vocabulary keeps growing. Oh, she also turned 17 months old last week too and mommy died about it… again.


Caroline complete her first big hike this weekend. The roundtrip was over 2.5 miles and around a mile of it was her walking on her own. We were so proud of her!

She is a little girl in a big world loving life.

Yesterday we headed to daddy’s cabin build site to check it out. Caroline was pretty excited for what daddy is building grandpa Mark.

Happy Monday friends!

-Tiffany, Aaron, Caroline & Duke the Golden.