The Jacksons Weekly

I was writing last weeks “The Jacksons Weekly” email from my little sister’s delivery room. I didn’t mention it last week because I was in the middle of everything with her BUT now I can share. YAY!!!!

This last week was a very very busy one so get ready for lots of photo friends. Daddy was away working on a condo in Florida so I spring cleaned, worked on a secret project, helped Crystal deliver her baby, launched the Wedding Walk-through Workshop, had a few plat dates for little miss Caroline and enjoyed Mother’s Day with Caroline and Aaron once he got home Saturday night.

First of all let me introduce my nephew Charlie Lake Johnson V!!!!!

Monday night was spent in the hospital cheering my little sister on during labor. It was something I never thought I would want to do but when the time came and she asked me to go, I count miss it. It was simply the most amazing experience!

I had my own little one last year and thought that was wonderful but being a part of it from the other side of things was even cooler! God truly created us women so wonderfully! If that wasn’t enough, the growth and birth of a small tiny human is simply amazing!

Just after little Charlie entered the world, he got to snuggle with his mommy and daddy. This little honeymoon babe stole their hearts from day one when they learned he was growing inside and stole their hearts even more when he joined their arms. You can see their pretty July wedding on the blog here.the-jacksons-weekly-wedding-photographer-training-greensburg-pittsburgh-wedding-portrait-photographer-_0005.jpg


I launched the Wedding Walk-though Wedding Day Workshop last week!!! Yes yes it’s finally here and photographers are already signing up! Yipppeeeeeee!!! My dream is happening and all the vendors are coming together!! She the full blog post about it all and then sign up HERE. 😉


I spent the week hearing, “Daddy? Daddy? DADDY!!!!!” Someone was missing her daddy big time all week! Aaron was working in Naples this past week on a condo and while it was fun to have the house to ourselves, someone missed her daddy.


Since when did our baby grow up? She looks like such a little tot here!

I also took the little heater out of her room to give her a stuffed animal nook. Forget books, this girl LOVES her animals. Sheep being the most favorite and giraffe’s come in close second.

Play dates, grades plant shopping and messy breakfasts followed all week. Caroline and I left no stone unturned and no adventure not taken while daddy was away.

Daddy finally returned Saturday night and Caroline greeted him at the airport with a little sign that said “daddy.” Friends, Caroline and her sign caused a few passengers to spot and wait for her to see her daddy. I guess she was looking oh so cute or something. 🙂

Aaron put is plane pillow on her neck and she wouldn’t take it off. The two stalled through the airport with it on her while he got his bags… to funny Caroline! 

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and these two took me to lunch and then shopping before a family event in the evening.

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw the cookie cutter sage unfold in my Instagram stories. Out of all the tings she picked up in the At Home store, this bucket of cookie cutters was all she tried to take home with her. They were even on sale 50% off. This girl takes after her momma when it comes to shopping. 😉

Happy Monday night friends!