Flash ALBUM SALE | Celebrate your love and memories

I know this month has been tough on everyone. But more than anything this crisis has clarified what is most important in life. It’s not the things we work so hard to accumulate or our social status or accomplishment – it’s the people we love most. It’s human connection.

So that got me thinking – what better time than now to celebrate the love and relive some of your favorite moments of all time?

This month only (I likely will never make an offer like this again!!) I am offering a deep discount on albums! My hope is that this will allow many of my past clients who were not able to purchase an album for various reasons to finally get one in their homes and experience the joy and connection it can bring.

More than any other product, I want all of my clients to walk away with a custom album. An album tells the story of your day in a way that no other product can. And it lives on to tell that story to your children and grandchildren. I remember sitting in Aaron’s grandparent’s living room before his grandma passed. Her memory was greatly failing but she sat there holding an album. She could rarely recall her husband to see his face day-to-day but looking at that album she knew that was her Walter. She even shared a few stories that she remembered and giggles a little over some of them. It was in those moments of her and I flipping through the pages that I finally realized the importance of print photos and creating an album to cherish.

Flash-album-sale-Pittsburgh-Wedding-Photographer-Wedding-Album-Sale-Jackson-Signature-PhotographyThese albums are SO beautiful and such high quality. Each album is custom designed and printed on the finest photographic paper. Lay-flat pages with a protective coating allow the story of your wedding day to shine through while helping the album stand the test of time. Only the best for my couples!
Flash-album-sale-Pittsburgh-Wedding-Photographer-Wedding-Album-Sale-Jackson-Signature-PhotographyNothing would make me happier during this crazy, uncertain time than to get one of these beauties into the hands of each an every one of my clients! So this month only I am offering 40% off my custom designed heirloom albums! This is on couple’s albums AND PARENT ALBUMS!!!!!

To get the process started and lock in this special rate, click here to email me!
Flash-album-sale-Pittsburgh-Wedding-Photographer-Wedding-Album-Sale-Jackson-Signature-PhotographyWhat better time to relive your wedding day and all the people it brought together than now? I would love to help bring a smile to your face and help you celebrate what truly matters.
Flash-album-sale-Pittsburgh-Wedding-Photographer-Wedding-Album-Sale-Jackson-Signature-PhotographyEnjoy 40% OFF our wedding albums. To get started, click HERE!