The Jacksons Weeky | 9.26.19

JACKSON SIGNATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: Another week of activity has happened here. Joy Filled Occasions brides are becoming Jackson Signature Brides, final wedding planning meetings are happening and fellow vendor meet-ups are on the calendar.

September is a few days away and it holds our most busy wedding month of  2019. There is always so much to do and never enough time but it’s all slowly getting done.

Caroline and I met up with our friend Dara with Bespoke and Beloved Events last week for a quick coffee break.


AROUND THE HOUSE: Things got a little out of hand in the kitchen before our camping trip. I stared out trying to use up some apples that were going bad and next thing I knew I made the apple crumble, corn bread, muffins and chocolate chip cookies. All gluten free and spice free for my cousin Evie. Oops! Sometimes I just need to slow down and bake a little I guess.

MISS CAROLINE ROSE: New favorite toy right now, aside from her books, is dolly. Baby Stella has now adopted a diaper and she is constantly bringing me her own diapers from her stash to put on her dolly. Despite how small Caroline is, her dolly is simply to small for Caroline’s diapers so mommy bought dolly her own.

THE JACKSONS: After another busy week it was time for our annual family camping trip with my family. We hopped in the truck and all headed for Shawnee State park. Our usual Cook Forest spot wasn’t on the list this year with some of the camping crew not wanting to travel as far for a weekend.

I hadn’t been to Shawnee since I was in my late teens and would be drug along with my parents but I have to say, it’s pretty nice. No it won’t replace Cook Forest but I guess it will have to do. We are only getting one camping trip this year with all we have had going on sadly.

Caroline found a new hobby and I would say she quite enjoyed it. 😉 You can find her on the 5 star trails on the weekends now. hehe

I really tried to be a good mommy and take real photos with my real camera but it only kinda happened. My mom and Caroline’s ladder golf game was the most photographed event of the trip. lol

This girl LOVES to point out her head to you. While she knows other things to point out, her head is her favorite.

Back to reality and work today. The busy wedding season starts in no time! Happy Monday night all!