The Jacksons Weekly | 7.29.19

July is almost over and we have only now been doing all the summer to-do’s. Every year I feel the months slip past me faster and faster. Why was summer so long as a kid? Why were the days never ending when I was young? Does Caroline think the days are long or do they escape her too? At least one of us has been enjoying the dog days of summer.

July is always a slower work month here. No one wants to plan their senior portrait sessions because of the heat and vacations, so aside from a wedding this month, things only now pick-up. Every year I am so thankful that I don’t have a ton of senior portrait sessions over the hot July months. This week though, I have a senior portrait session AND a sweet newborn session. Let’s hope this little baby cures my baby fever. 😮

We did a little more blueberry picking this past week but this time we brought great-grandma and grandma with us. These blueberries will become jam if I have time this week. Either way, it got my grandma out of the house and in the blueberry patch so it was a win win. She has been happier and happier staying home since her stroke, so taking her places that remind her she is still alive and well is important. I only wish I had more time and hours in my week to do so.

This must have been Caroline’s week of visiting because we went to lunch and shopping with “Aunt” Darcie. Yes, candle sniffing happened for Caroline…. When she was several months old I took her to Homegoods and jokingly let her smell the candles. Oddly enough, she actually sniffed them and we pretended she was “picking” mommy’s candle. She now has to smell them when we go there or else the throws a fit. Oops!

We also hit up the flower patch with “Auntie” Carla and mini BFF this week too. While I forgot to get a group photo, we did snag a few photos of the girls in the flower patch. It was still the heat of the day so the sun was crazy hot leaving our photo taking to be short-lived. 

Then we were off to the park to walk and play with Shayli.


Enjoy the last few days of July friends!!!