2 Things You Don’t Have to do at Your Reception | Reception Wedding Tips | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

So while there are still a million things to do on your wedding day here are two things you don’t have to do unless you want to. I know some people might end up sitting here reading these reception wedding tips with mouthes hanging open BUT if being social and being shy are two of your big struggles in life then don’t sweat it! It’s your wedding day so create a day you enjoy not dread.


Tip #1: You don’t have to talk to every guest. While I know it would be nice to say hello to everyone, you still need to be able to enjoy your reception. If someone is upset because you didn’t talk to them at your reception they should remember that you thought enough of them to invite them to one of the most important days of your life.

That being said, it is nice to chat with your guests but if the stress of greeting everyone is to much or if you would really like to get down on the dace floor, don’t sweat it. Talk to those that you can then enjoy the DJ you have hired. Enjoy the tasty dinner you selected and eat some of that cake.


Tip #2: You don’t have to do a garter and bouquet toss. Phew! I said it! I know this might not be everyones favorite wedding event and frankly while Aaron and I did it at our wedding, I’m not sure I would do it if given the choice again.

For some of you, you might love it. It’s a chance to bring your girls up to the front with you and aim that bouquet towards your single bestie. For others though, you feel awkward calling out those in your life that are waiting for prince charming. So with this one brides, I leave it up to you but please don’t feel like you have to include it in your wedding day.

Perhaps there are small children preset and you want to include them. Consider a candy toss for the kiddos instead. Maybe you want to treat all the single ladies in your life. Consider a rose toss or just simply give them all a rose. Lastly if you want to toss the whole thing out the window, consider dedicating a song to someone special and dancing your heart out with them.


Today’s reception wedding tips might not apply to you and that is totally alright. Either way, I hope you all have a smashing reception and a wonderful wedding day!