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Goodness I can’t tell you how much having a go-to girl for your wedding day can save you soooo much stress. One of my poor bride was left to do set-up, send family members to the ceremony area, gather family for the ceremony, etc. The “point person” the venue had promised was not there and doing her job. Yikes!!
You’re bridesmaids and family are there to support you and help you however, they too want to enjoy the day. Having the right vendors in place to ensure that you all can enjoy the day is crutial. Having help and DIY’ing things leading up to the wedding day is grand but trust me when I say that 2-3 days before the wedding, you will want the DIY to end and it to all be over yesterday if you have much more than than your final seating chart and manicure to get done.
For some brides they LOVE the wedding planning process from start to finish. Other brides loathe the process from day one. Most brides enjoy the planning until right before the big day. The final month and/or week leading up to the wedding can be the most stressful and make you both wish you had eloped. Who do I mention this along with chatting about a wedding day go-to girl? I mention it because you truly can’t get though your day and enjoy it with out one.
So when planning, be sure you have someone. The venue¬†coordinators that come with your ceremony and reception site only do so much. Be sure you know what they will be doing and have it all in writing before hand. If you would like a wedding coordinator that covers the whole wedding, I have that covered. That’s exactly what Joy Filled Occasions does. Whether you are the bride who loathes planning from day one and just want someone to do it all for you or you are the bride who is all DIY but wants to being the moment on your wedding day, not to worry. A wedding coordinator and planner works with you to help you find the perfect balance and fit so you can enjoy your day and not be stressed.
There is nothing more crazy that having your bridesmaids come to you day of and ask how you want things set up and tell you all that is going wrong. YIKES!!! That should never happen. You have worked to hard to hear about those silly things. You are there to have fun and ENJOY!!
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