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As the weather gets colder and the leaves start to fall so does the sun. Earlier and earlier in the day leaving you less time for photos. So here are a few tips for planning a fall & winter wedding.

1) Be sure to make time prior to the ceremony for your bridal portraits, photos with your bridesmaids, groom portraits, and groomsmen portraits. This way, after the ceremony, you will only have family photos, bridal party photos, and photos on your and your new hubby.

2) Your photo time with your husband should be AT LEAST 45 minutes long. We recommend an 1 hour or so though. Why? This is your wedding day. The reason you have gathered your closest friends and family to join you as you say “I do” and invited them to a big party after. Without the two of you, none of this would be happening.

3) Having a late ceremony and ending it after dark? Try a first look. Enjoy a leisure stroll through your day full of extra time with your hubby, bridal party, and even family if you like. Start your wedding day celebrations with just you and your almost hubby. A first look in an intimate setting were you and your almost hubby can see each other and enjoy the reaction of him seeing you all dolled up. You can chat and enjoy the time together then have your bride and groom portraits taken followed by your bridal party joining you for photos too. So may of our couples that have opted to do a first look this year have done so for several reasons. Here are a few…
– It allows the day to slowly unfold and for you to enjoy it.
– If you are nervous about walking down the isle.
– If you feel that seeing your grooms expression when he sees you for the first time is crazy important.
– If you would like the lovely photos you see Aaron and I shoot all the time with the fab lighting.

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4) It could be chilly. So the typical female in 2017 LOVES fall and is obsessed with everything fall. #PSL #boots #scarf yummy smelling candles…. you get my point. 😉 With the cool temperature comes chilly picture times so here are some way to warm things up.
– Try wearing a cute scarf for a few photos. Start our your bride and groom photos with out one but as you cool off, grab a scarf.
– Find a stylish and charming vintage coat or just one that matches your wedding theme.
– Wear leggings under your dress and suggest it to your bridesmaids too.
– Opt for long bridal maid dresses.
– Wear boots with socks for your outdoor pics. They can make for some super fun photo ops too.

5) Lastly, PLAN it out! Fall and winter weddings are fab and full of lovely colorful leafy photos or wintery white photos, however, without planning you could miss out on all of it. Please chat with me! I would hate for you to miss out on something.

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