Thinking About Your Bridal Party | Wedding Planning Tip | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Each month, I designate one of our Jackson Signature Photography’s weekly wedding tips to our brides for the blog. This month I selected a topic that might be a tough one but I think it can be a forgotten one. Today I’m talking about thinking about your bridal party.

Through your wedding planning process, your bridal party will be with you along with way. Some bridal party members will be there for you more than others but regardless, they stand behind you 100%! As a reminder when selecting things, be sure to consider them and their budget.

While this might not be the most exciting day of their life, they are still excited to join you two and celebrate with you. While you and your hubby-to-be have been planning for years to throw a stunning wedding, your bridal party members might have several other financial goals they are working towards. When selecting your girls weekend or the guys trip, consider the costs. Yes, you want to have a smashing time in a fabulous location BUT don’t forget to be considerate of your friends.

Most of the time your bridal party won’t say anything if the cost of things is to high. The don’t want to ruin your day, weekend get-a-way and/or make a big fuss. A lot of the times, bridal party members shell out the $$$ and don’t say a word but all the while know that what they just spent for you might be their next school loan payment or house payment.

So brides and grooms, when your are making your bridal party attire, weekend get-a-way locations, etc. please be sure you are thinking about your bridal party too. They want to go the extra mile for you but sometimes that can really be a strain on them as well.