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Welcome to another addition of our wedding tip Wednesday blog posts! Each month we take one of our Jackson Signature Photography bride and groom “Weekly Wedding Tips” and share it with you all. This month’s topic is all about a table for two or more commonly known, the Sweetheart Table.Wedding Reception Layout Sweetheart Table pros and cons

There are two very awkward things a bridesmaid or groomsman may have to be subject to. While this is only one of them, it’s the most problem. Head tables. This can be rather scary and just plain old awkward for some.

While the grandeur of the head table taking over half of the room might be appealing, here are a few things to consider before saying yes to the head table.

1) Do your bridesmaid and groomsmen have significant others they might like to sit with? Rather than having everyone awkwardly placed, maybe skip the head-table and seat your bridal party members with the family and/or friends. Unless your groomsmen and/or bridesmaids are BBF’s from way-back, conversations between them might be a bit strained.

2) Would you and your hubby like a few moments alone to chat? The sweetheart table allows for those quiet moments together.

3) Those quiet moments can be nice but a sweetheart table makes you two more approachable for family and friends after dinner. Family and friends can pop up to your table and say hello without leaning over bridesmaids and groomsmen after dinner.

One of my favorite wedding reception memories actually happened at our sweetheart table. So my grandfather is a bit of a bear of a guy but inside, he is just a teddy bear. Looking back I know he would have never approached our table had it been a head-table.
After going through the buffet line, he proceeded to walk over to our table and took a swig out of my glass. He quickly put my glass back down and proclaimed how surprised he was that it was not spiked. Now, Aaron and I had a dry wedding, our glasses in included. While his discovery might not seam all that funny to you, it meant a lot to me. Had there been more people near us I am sure he would have not approached our table and that moment wouldn’t have ever happened.

4) If you have a head-table, you will mostly get to talk to your maid of honor, your new hubby and the best man so unless your bridesmaids are all sorority sisters and know one another really well, the head table can be quite awkward for them.

So as you start to plan your reception room layout, maybe consider a sweetheart table. Note: Some venues can be stuck in their ways and have just always done a head-table. So, they might be a little reluctant to cater to you but ultimately, it’s your wedding so you may select the options you like. 😉


Happy Planning!


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