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On the first Wednesday of the month, I share one of our Weekly Wedding Tips that our brides receive each week at 11:30AM with our blog friends. Today’s post is a series of wedding dress buying tips. I’m covering my own personal wedding dress shopping story, fall and winter dress shopping and summer wedding dress buying.

Wedding Dress Buying Tips by Jackson Signature Photography

I remember pulling my wedding dress off the rack and thinking I didn’t like it but I would try it on for fun. Once it was on though, I loved it.

We had a late fall wedding and I knew I wanted to be able to tuck my cowgirl boots under it, yet wear my little white ballet flats for the ceremony. I also knew I wanted to dance and not feel like I had to suck it in all day. The only snag was that it was strapless and those styles of dresses are hard to pull off. So I had Casablanca make be cap sleeves. 🙂

Knowing the stye of wedding you are planning for and venue is also helpful…

-If you have an outdoor summer wedding. Think light weight and flowing/free. You will more than likely being sweaty and need a little breeze to blow through if ya know what I mean.

– A winter wedding that will be mostly indoors. Feel free to grab a heavy dress. You may need the warmth! lol Want to dance though? Maybe think about long sleeves or a cute cropped coat over a heavy dress.

– Fall weddings can be tricky… It’s PA and we NEVER know what the weather is going to do. Have a cold weather plan and I warm weather one. For our wedding, I had fluffy socks for with my cowgirl boots, a cardigan for the casual photos, and leggings too! I wanted to be warm since it was going to be 40 degrees! Yikes!

Be sure that if you choose a dress with beading, it is not under your arms. It may not bother you when you try on the dress that is 3 sizes to big at the store, but once that dress comes in and it’s your size, it may fit differently.

Heels… hahahaha They are oooh so cute for details photos but if you plan to be outside for a time, I would suggest flats or wedges. Toms make some really cute ones now! You don’t want to be sinking into the ground and fall. This also goes for bridesmaids shoes too!

Strapless. It’s the devil! No, not really. It’s just tough to rock. From the top of your right shoulder to the top of your left then to the top of your dress, that rectangular open space makes a woman appear wider. Yikes! What women do you know that wants to feel wider? Not me!! So just FYI if you are looking at strapless, be careful!

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Have a lovely day!

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