An Ohio Adventure | Weekend Wrap-Up

It’s been a while since I had a weekend wrap up post. Yikes! I enjoy blogging but I kinda forget about it come Monday. Should I add a few more weekend wrap up posts friends?

Anyhow, with most of our weddings in the fall, we have been enjoying out first summer off. It’s been crazy but grand! With my new years goal to take more time to ENJOY and refresh, I have been doing just that. As crazy as it sounds, I’ve been more refreshed and creative. Gasp! Who would have thought. 😉

One of the things I have been trying to do is take some time in the kitchen. So on Saturday I whipped up some Gluten Free zucchini bread. Now, don’t worry, it was not dry and chalk-like, so I have included the recipe HERE that I had found online. I did do a little tweaking BUT I don’t remember what I did. Oops! IMG_5312.JPG

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning for an Ohio adventure to spend a little time with our dear friends Andrew & Chrissy of Andrew and Chrissy Photography. These crazy brave friends just moved out to Ohio, where Chrissy is from, to start their own grand adventure bigger than their last.

An Ohio Adventure with the Jacksons, a weekend wrap up. They took us on a quick tour of their new home and all the wonderful things God has planned for them. Goodness has He got a lot!!! I think one of the coolest things about choosing to have a community perspective versus as competition or comparison perspective is that we can be excited and cheer Andrew and Chrissy on in their grand adventure. Lord on knows we could all use a few more cheerleaders in this tough life.

Oh, I almost forgot, we go to meet Mr Finn, their golden retrieve. OMG now I want another pup now!!! Rumor has it Finn will be joining us for a week soon while his mommy and daddy are on another adventure. Stay tuned and Happy Monday friends!

– Tiffany