Wedding Drama is Bound to Happen

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Wedding Drama…

Your sweet friends and family would NEVER do that to you… Unfortunately, a wonderful and love filled event, such as a wedding, pulls out the best AND the worst in those who love us the most. For whatever reason drama can pop up anywhere. So here are a few things to consider when it happens.

– If your bestie is not a mean hearted person, consider and remember that. She could be having a bad day/week.

– Lines get crossed and communication can be tough. The minute feelings are hurt, let the other person know. Don’t let it fester and build up.

– If a bridesmaid is slacking, chat with her about it. She may just be really busy and feeling bad that she can’t do more. See if your second in line can step up and fill in some gaps to take off the pressure. Being a bridesmaid is tough work.

– Mothers… Well this one is a tough one. They generally mean well but sometimes they get over zealous about their vision for the day. Kindly explain that you would like the day to reflect you and your fiancé’s style and taste. Mom’s like to help and be helpful. So find some things that are right up her alley and assign her the tasks. It will take some of the burden off your shoulders and mom will feel needed.

– The groom. Men generally don’t do a lot of wedding planning. If your man is stepping up and going with you to meetings and putting in his two cents, Woohoo!! If not, don’t sweat it. He loves you and is excited your are getting married but planning, he wouldn’t have proposed if not. Wedding details are just not his thing, so don’t worry, it’s normal. Just enjoy the little bits of input her offers.

Take a deep breath and navigate the wedding drama waters with grace. Happy Wedding!