First Annual July Fourth Party | Latrobe Photographer

We spent Monday surrounded by over 50 friends and family in our little house. I don’t think this years July Fourth Party is one we will forget. Welcome to our home and party…

IMG_4034.jpgIf you didn’t know this already, I LOVE to throw parties. I adore planning the decor and mapping out what we will all eat isn’t so bad either. The only thing I really don’t like, I don’t think anyone really does, is the cleanup. Thankfully family and friends helped so that always makes it so ¬†much better.
IMG_4054.jpgThis is our “granny porch” as I call it. This little spot was perfect for the party BUT, I hope, that by Thanksgiving it will be all closed in as a four season room so that our dinning room will be larger and more accommodating for large dinner parties. Yes, I truly do LOVE to host.
IMG_4109.jpgAaron and I went to the Latrobe Fourth of July Parade for a little and when we came back a certain cute Golden Retrieve had eaten 9 hamburger buns. Gasp!! Needless to say we were short a few. Silly pup!
IMG_4083.jpgSo here it is… the secret to staying skinny on a holiday. Are you ready?? Have to many people over and don’t sit for to long or near food. Yep, that’s my new secret. I didn’t sit for long and when I did I made sure I didn’t have a plate of food in hand. When I did eat, I took a small plate and stood and talked while I ate then went back to keeping things stocked and guest happy. Genius, right?!?!?!?
IMG_4086.jpgWe had so much food it hardly fit on the table! There was even more that came after this photo was taken! I don’t think a single staple picnic food item was missed.
IMG_4018.jpg“Thanks for stopping by my house and our July Fourth Party!” – Duke the Golden