Wedding Photography Album and Its Importance

Importance of a Wedding Photography Album told by the wedding album by Jackson Signature Photography a Greensburg and Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

The Life of a Wedding Photography Album

by the 12×12 leather bound heirloom album on your coffee table.


I arrive in your home. It’s not fully furnished yet but I’m now your most prized position. I set on your makeshift coffee table for all to see. Family and friends gather around me when they come over gushing at the moments they remember on my pages. You all giggle and smile as you recall your wedding day.

A year goes by and you wipe a little dust off my cover. As you flip through my pages once again with wine and the stale top layer of cake in hand, I watch you both lean in for a kiss as you look at the pages with your ceremony on them.

Months lead to years and soon I am placed on a shelf. Not forgotten, just waiting till you need to be reminded of the joy filled event that fills my pages.

The layer of dust is quite thick on my binding but the day arrives when you take me off the shelf and there they are, those wonderful children that you brought into the world. You laugh as you tell them funny stories from that day. They point at my pages when they see their daddy all dressed up. You shed a tear when you see the photo of you with your mom who just passed just a few weeks ago. My pages are filled with wonderful memories that you cherish.

Then there are those times when you question why you even said I do. You pick me up and look back through my pages on all of those wonderful memories and moments. The joy you felt that day sparks in your heart. You start to remember the why behind your “I do” all those years ago.

Then as my binding shows a little wear from the many times I’ve been opened, I see a new little version of those children that you birthed all those years ago. These little ones are your grandchildren. They drop a little juice on me from they sippy cup and poke me pointing out people asking who they are. They don’t recognize as many faces on my pages as your children did but you tell them stories of those faces and how wonderful they were keeping those who are no longer with us alive in your heart and hopefully theirs.

It was the last time I saw you. Your hair was silver with age. Not that dark brown that glowed in the sun on your wedding day. You were now the one pointing to my pages asking who the faces were but when you reached the page with you and that wonderful man you choose to love for 78 years, you remembered. You might have forgotten everyone else on my pages but you remembered your husband. Despite how sick you were and how much you had forgotten, you always remembered him.

Now I sit on your children’s shelf next to their wedding album. Let me alway stand as a remembrance of the start of your legacy. The beginning or your story together. Let me tell that story year after year, generation to generation.


Your Wedding Photography Album