Why Wedding and High School Senior Photography

Fall High School Senior Session by Jackson Signature Photography Greensburg Senior Portrait Photographer

I can’t begin to count the number of times I have been asked why I have not chosen one area to specialize. Why do I shoot both Wedding and High School Senior Photography ? The answer for me is simple, relationships.

Cranberry fall wedding at Rizzos in Crabtree, Greesnburg Wedding venue. Jackson Signature Photography a Greensburg Wedding Photographer Photography for me is all about relationships. Creating them, keeping them and enjoying the friends that follow. So maybe it’s a silly way to get new friends but I love it!!! I figure it this way, who better to be there with you throughout your wedding day then a friend. You wouldn’t ask a stranger to be your maid of honor or best man right? So why ask them to be your photographer? Well, maybe Aaron and I aren’t best friends with all of our brides and groom and most we don’t even know before they book but by the wedding day if we aren’t already friends, then we are pretty close to it. They trust us, have come to know us and we have come to know them. Summer Taylor Swift Inspired Photos by Jackson Signature Photography, Greensburg Senior Portrait Photographer

So how do my high school seniors fall into this? Because they are now becoming my brides!!! Eeek how exciting is that!?!?!?!! I’m thrilled!!! There is nothing more exciting than a past senior asking me to be her wedding photographer. Because we are already friends and know each other it makes it all the more fun. Plus, with our senior view and order parties, often times I know some of the extended family members already too. It’s just a beautiful thing!Why Wedding and High School Senior Photography , Jackson Signature Photography, Michigan wedding photographer, winter forest green wedding photos, greensburg wedding photographer



Wedding and High School Senior Photography