Choose Joy | Weekend Wrap Up

It’s been a crazy week and weekend and I feel like everything that could go crazy with technology was. Everything kept taking longer than it should and I was ready to throw in the towel. So rather than drown in my frustration I chose joy…. We I tried to. So Friday dawned and more things went wrong and I was getting all flustered and I came back to choosing to focus on what was going well and not on the few things that were going wrong.

Choose Joy

It’s crazy how our whole day and perspective can change when we choose to dwell on the the good that is happening in our lives rather than the few things going wrong.

So as I hit the road yesterday I had a whole 4 hour drive to think about how blessed I am and how God has worked in my life in so many wonderful ways. I just couldn’t help by smile. Now I’m a few hours away from attending Pursuit 31 for the second time and I can’t wait to see all that God has for me this time. I had attended last year and it rocked my world! So stay tuned for what God does this year and follow along on my adventure in Georgia on our Jackson Signature Photography Instagram! 

Happy Monday! Choose Joy!