Weekend Wrap-Up | I’m not a florist. I am a photographer.

WOW! What a weekend! What started as a few simple bouquets and boutonnieres turned into something a bit more crazy and hectic. I am a photographer not a florist. If you learn anything about me today, it’s that I am a perfectionist and I often go overboard to make things as grand as can be. Oops!

– My brother-in-law asked me a few weeks ago to create a lovely bouquet for this girl friend so I decided to take on the task of my little sisters as well. One 5:00AM trip to Pittsburgh, hours later and a few more gray hairs two bouquets and boutonnieres were created.

– Homeschool Prom 2015. We were asked to come back again for Homeschool Prom after last year and we were thrilled that they liked us that much and wanted us again! This years them was the Roaring 20’s so I HAD to dress up!

– My baby sis attended her senior prom looking adorable! I never thought I would get all emotional about her looking all dressed up and lovely, but I did. Growing up we were not very close. With the big age gap between us and me keeping so busy we didn’t really become BFF’s until after I was married and moved out. Now this cute little blond and I enjoy a great relationship that I wish we would have had years ago. So the lesson here would be to stop and take the time for those you love in your life. Happy Monday!