A First Look for the Books | Ligoner PA Wedding Venue

It was pouring. It was dark. It was chilly… Not exactly every brides dream wedding day weather conditions. Jordyn had texted that she was on her way to Foxley Farms, a Ligoner PA Wedding venue, and would be there shortly. In the meantime, Matt, would be arriving so we could get him in position for Jordan’s arrival and their first look.

Shortly before Matt pulled in the long gravel drive, I received another text from Jordyn. She had been in a car accident and the car was totaled. Yikes!!! Not the best event for a wedding day. No need to worry, all was well. God had protected her, her mom and dad. A young student driver had panicked and hit the gas rather than the brake. Their cars collided and thankfully Jordyn’s nephew’s car seat protected her from any injuries. So despite a few bumps and being a little shaken, Jordyn arrived at Foxley Farm to meet Matt for their first look and portraits.


I’m not sure if it was more the nerves of seeing her for the fast time all dresses up, or the fact that she was just in an accident, but Matt started to tear up. I started to tear up. The emotion of it all was just beautiful!


First Looks are not common for western PA weddings but this was one time that I was so very thankful that our couple decided to do one.

Jackson Signature Photography Ligoner Wedding Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

According to the forecast, there was 100% chance of rain during the scheduled first look and portrait time. However, the sky cleared just enough to finish the photos. It was perfect!

Matt & Jordan’s first look will forever be, one for the books.

– Tiffany