Sanibel and Sunset

Off the cost of Fort Myers Beach there are two little islands, Sanibel and Captiva. They are one of my favoite places to be. The islands are well kept with some of the most lovely homes. The town like areas a small and quaint and the beaches are beautiful. Not it is nothing the the Caribbean by in my only lil beach travels it is one of my favorite places to be.

Sanibel Island, Tween Waters Inn We had went to Sanibel Island for lunch and to enjoy the beach and lighthouse till sunset however, plans were altered just a little. The first change was where we are lunch. My favoite place to eat on the island is called the Mucky Duck. I LOVE duck! I guess we picked the most popular day to be on the island because the place was packed and we couldn’t even find a place to park. So we deiced to eat over at the Tween Waters so no ocean view and duck for me. : (

After lunch we took a stroll on the beach where I turned part of my back pink. Ouch! My suntan lotion wore off in an odd shape. : (

Captiva Sanibel Island Captiva Sanibel Island

Since we were on the islands I wanted to take some photos at the lighthouse on Sanibel Island so we all piled in the truck and made it a few miles down the road and came to a dead stop. Apparently there was an accident…. I car had flipped but this is what i don’t understand… the speed limit was 35mph AND none really goes over 30mph. So how some flipped there car is beyond me. Needless to say the only road that lets to travel both islands was shut down leaving us stuck on Sanibel Island. Back to Tween Waters we went to watch the boats at their dock area.

Captiva Sanibel Island Tween Waters Inn

Yay for cell phone photos!

They cleared the roadway and we had just enough time to make it up to the lighthouse….

Captiva Sanibel Island

Captiva Sanibel Island Lighthouse Captiva Sanibel Island Pier Captiva Sanibel Island Lighthouse Captiva Sanibel Island Lighthouse

  • kara said:

    beautiful photos !! the sunset photos are SOOO gorgeous !!!

  • Aaron said:

    Love the pics! these are great!