The Legacy of Photos: Portraits & Family Photos

On Sunday my grandpap passed away and I realized two things. 

  1. I don’t take nearly enough photos outside of what I do for a living. 
  2. Photos throughout the year, not just at family events, are so important.

Right after he passed, I started looking for photos. Photos of he and I, photos of baby Caroline and him together and then ones of Aaron and I with him over the years. As crazy as this sounds coming from photographer, there really aren’t that many. After 11 years as a photographer I guess I have gotten away from being the crazy one who always has a camera and missed out on capturing my family.

Now I’m a pretty sentimental girl, but not in a nicknack junk collector kind of way. I LOVE old photos and started a small photo collection a few years ago when my grandma gave me some of hers. These last couple of years I have been asking family for more and last year I landed on a jackpot of photos after my Great Aunt passed.

It’s crazy how something as small as a little piece of paper can take you back in time or tell you a story of a time you weren’t around for.

Sifting through the photos of my grandma and grandpap over the years with their family has given me a wonderful glimpse into the past and brought back so many great memories of growing up. These photos leave a legacy. They tell of celebrated life events, hard times and ordinary days. All equally important for telling the story of my family.

I say all of this as a reminder to not stop documenting the little things and the big things. To let you know that Mini Sessions throughout the year with those you love is just as important as a big portrait session every couples years and iPhone photos between professional photos matter too. Don’t stop taking photos of everything and anything. Our memories in our minds may fade in time but the photos we pass on can keep telling those stories.