Why Engagement Photos Are Important | Wedding Tips | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Aaron and I have been asked many times over the years to take engagement photos for couples who will be booking other wedding photographers. We have politely declined most every time. The reason, is that we feel your engagement session is not to just get pretty photos for save the dates and to decorate your home, but to get to know your photographers and for your photographers to get to know you.

This might not sound very important but your photographers are going to be spending one of the most important days with you. It won’t just be for a small amount of time either. They will be with you all day so you will want them to feel more like a friend then acquaintance or hired help.

This is why after 4 years as a wedding photographer I changed my motto to a more relational one. I wanted our Jackson Signature Photography couples to feel comfortable around me. I didn’t want a nervous bride with photo jitters on her wedding day. I wanted to be sure she liked me, trusted and she knew me so she could relax and enjoy her day with me there.

That same things goes for Aaron and I though. We want to get to know our couples not just through face to face chatting but in camera as well. It’s ever so important to get to know each couple in front of the camera. Every couple is different in how they interact.

In camera the same thing does not apply to every couple. It’s quite common or a photographer to use the same “technique” with each couple but I have found that every bride and groom has their own thing that helps them relax and interact naturally. It’s my job to find that thing by getting to know them. It might mean my engagement sessions last longer than the time stated in my package information, but that’s ok. I want to take my time and get to know our couples and for them to get to know me.

It’s time to get all dolled up and a perfect excuse for a dinner date after. Hint hint grooms!