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As I’m prepping this post for next week I’m enjoying the “quiet time” as my mug suggests and I am wondering if baby girl will arrive on her due date or if we will be waiting a bit longer. Aaron was about two weeks late and I was a few days early. I guess we will see what happens.

Baby girls last sonogram at 36 weeks had her at about 6lbs. I am hoping she won’t be as big as her daddy was when he was born coming in at over 9lbs. Yikes! I was only 6lbs and 15oz.

Below are a few more questions I am commonly asked so I thought I might share them with you all…

How are you feeling?

Great! A little extra round these days but overall I’m doing well. I can still kinda bend down but it looks a little funny and not at all graceful but it makes people laugh.

Can we PLEASE know the name?

NOPE. Gotta wait. Don’t worry we will be posting her name when we announce her birth to all of there internet world once she joins us.

Is your nursery done?

Yes it is thankfully. I never thought that cute little room would be finished but it’s now together. The only thing missing is a door and transition strip. I will be making a little blog post about her room soon. I just have to take some photos.

Are you taking maternity leave?

Again this one is a yes and though I am currently on maternity leave I have still been working every day. Oops! It keeps me busy and my mind off how antsy I am getting about her arriving. Though I’m on maternity leave, I am still monitoring things for our sweet couples and making sure I can serve them to the best of my abilities.

How is Duke handling all the changes?

Duke has been a champ! We think he is pretty excited about his role as big brother and so far he has sniffed and licked just about everything he can to check it all out for his little sister. We have a blanket all ready to take to the hospital for baby girl to get her sent on for him so he can adjust and with Duke’s love for kiddos we think he will be the best big dog brother.

What is your due date?

March the 5th. It was February the 25th but they moved it. So now we just wait and see.

I still can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone but it truly has been magical. It’s crazy to think that there is a mini human living and moving inside of me. She has tiny toes and a little nose. Oh goodness I can’t wait to meet her! Who knows, many by the time this post is live she will have joined the world already. Oh my! Stay tuned for photos and details friends!    -Tiffany