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Feeling Sick on Your Wedding Day 

With each wedding, I take home a little bit of something to share with future brides.  Not to tattle on others but to educate and make sure you all have the best day possible. With the last few weddings, something was brought to my attention and I wanted to share it. It’s not the first time it has happened, it even happened to me! It was right before my ceremony and the wedding morning had got to me and I was nervous and sick. Like the butterflies, nausea and a belly ache. Ick! All I wanted to do was just have Aaron hold me and tell me it was ok. It was my wedding day and I was to worried to enjoy. I wanted a quite moment with Aaron and to feel better before I walked down the isle. Unfortunately that didn’t happen BUT you can change that.

A few weekends ago, one of my brides re-lived the same thing. Nervous go the best of her and rather than being excited to walk down the isle, she felt sick. My heart broke because I too knew that feeling. Please, please, please lovely ladies, be sure to consider this. We focus on all the other details but forget about our own health.

There are ways around this and I would love to help you find the best fit for you. For example, some brides choose to do a “first touch.” A first touch is where the bride and groom can hold hands prior but neither see one another.

Some couples choose to say a prayer before the ceremony. This is quite common and can be done ensuring the groom doesn’t see the bride or ensuring neither can see one another. Lastly, the first look, one of my personal favorites.
The first look is one of the most romantic wedding traditions I have seen where the bride and groom see one another before there ceremony. It’s always a sweet and personal time that allows the couple to enjoy the moment they see one anther without hundreds of eyes on them. This is perfect for couples who aren’t a fan of being in the spotlight or would love to elongate and enjoy the day more.
Regardless of what traditions you follow on your wedding day, be sure to consider your personality and your nerves. As always with our Jackson Signature Photography couples, we are always happy to build your wedding day around what makes you and your hubby to be feel the most comfortable. Enjoying your wedding day is super important.
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