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I have just started a weekly wedding tip series with our Jackson Signature Photography brides called “Photography Lies and Myths.” In these weekly wedding tips I’m covering what I have found to be either the biggest photography lies or the most common myths. Over the last 9 years, this has been one of the most common lies that I have found. Are you ready for it?

“You can just photoshop that.”

Ouch! I have heard “You can just photoshop that” so many times I cringe when I hear it anymore. Not that photoshopping wedding photos isn’t something I can do. I do have a degree in Graphic Design too, so I can pull some crazy wizardry in Photoshop, BUT I would rather just do my job correctly in the first place. It’s best to pay attention to the details prior to taking the photo. As much as that can be a pain and take an extra second, it’s best to fix it before taking the photo.

In college they drilled into us that we should shoot it right and shoot it well. So I would rather pause and move an arm, fix a jacket or brush away a stray hair before I even press down on my shutter button. IF I would need to photoshop something, it would have to be very important. I like to keep life in camera and in print as “real to life” and authentic as possible.

So you won’t find me photoshopping wedding photos. You will find me pausing a moment before I take each photo or taking a photo and checking to be sure all is still well. That’s why our brides hired me anyway; to document the day as it naturally unfolds.


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