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There are so many dress options to pick from. Not just for you as the bride, but for your bridesmaids as well. From the color of the dress to the fabric, not to mention the style of the dress. One important key element is to make sure you are matching your dresses with your style.

I don’t just mean your wedding dress, I am also referring to your bridesmaids as well. Yes, it’s one more things remember but it’s not the bad I promise. Here is a little guide to matching your dresses with your style and your bridesmaids too.

You’ve picked your wedding color palette so here comes the fun part, making your palette work with your dresses. Let’s say you choose dusty blue, sage green, ivory and a deep navy blue. So what color would your bridesmaid dresses be? You could go with navy blue if you would like a dark moody look. Say you were getting married in the early fall or mid winter. You could also choose the dusty blue if you are having a soft summer wedding or an early spring wedding. 

Let’s just say you go with the soft dusty blue as your bridesmaid dress. Now comes the time to select the fabric style. Since dusty blue is a soft color you will want to keep with the soft look. Selecting a silk-like dress if you have an indoor classy wedding would be lovely or a chiffon would go well with an outdoor summer wedding.

Last on the list is the style of your dresses. There are two things to consider here…
1) What style or theme is your wedding? You won’t want to choose a overly casual dress is your are planning an elaborate cathedral wedding with ballroom reception.
2) Your bridesmaid body types. Not every girl will look fabulous in the same dress. So consider selecting a bridesmaid dress designer that allows you to use the same fabric and color but different bodices.

Now what about your dress? For Aaron and I this part was easy. I chose the dress that I tossed in the pile to try on just for fun. Crazy right?!?!?! We had a rustic fall wedding but I wanted nothing to do with that overdone fall color palette. For our reception we chosen a log lodge overlooking a lake to incorporate our love of the outdoors. This left us with a more casual wedding.

When it came to planning my dress fabric, I decided a satin or silk was not the best option and thought I would choose either lace or a chiffon style. I ended up picking a lace dress that was designed by Casablanca. The only downside was that I wanted sleeves and the dress didn’t come with any. After a few conversations with the dress salon, M’Kaysha’s Bridal and Tux, they had a solution and was dress was ordered.

There were three key elements I considered with my dress that I feel might get forgotten.

1. With a log lodge, I didn’t want my dress to snag on the floor so I didn’t want a long train. The same thing goes for outdoor weddings. If your dress has a long train, be prepared to see dirt on your dress at some point. 

2. The time of the year might suggest choosing sleeves or selecting a dress with a few more layers. Since we were having a fall wedding, I chose the sleeves and decided that I would toss on some leggings and leg warmers if I was to cold for the outdoor photos. 

3. Make sure that if you will be dancing, you can move and dance with out having a problem or wardrobe malfunction.


Happy Shopping!


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