Why Our Weekly Wedding Tips Are Important

Every Monday at 11:30 AM our brides receive what we call a weekly wedding tip. These weekly wedding tips started about 2 years ago when I realized the huge role I played in each of my couples lives as their photographer. It’s not only my job to capture the moments and memories but to ensure I have the most educated brides ever! Why you ask? Because an educated bride is a happy bride. A happy bride is a bride who is then able to relax and enjoy her day. With over 8 years as a wedding photographer and over 165 weddings photographed, I have created numerous wedding tips for our brides that help them plan the most wonderful weddings.

Jackson Signature Photography Weekly WEdding TipsOur weekly wedding tip topics cover wedding day planning, dress shopping, tips on finding the best spaces to get ready in, past brides’ wedding day regrets, the best shoes to wear based on your venues, etc. The list goes on but what I love is that it also builds trust between my brides and I. They know that if they have a problem or wedding day emergency, I know how to fix it.

While these weekly wedding tips might mean more time out of my days to write them and probably lead to more coffee chats with my brides, I’ll take it! I’m here to serve our brides and serve them well. Part of that is just making sure they know what to expect on a wedding day and how to make the most lovely wedding happen!

In February I started sharing one of our weekly wedding tips a month on the blog here. Now on the first Wednesday of every month, one of our weekly wedding tips will make it’s way to the blog for all brides to see. If you would like to be sure you don’t miss it, SUBSCRIBE to our blog on the sidebar to the right of this post area. You won’t miss it if you subscribe to our blog.

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Happy Wedding Planning!