Weekend Wrap-up | Febuary 16th

I think next year we will stay home and not leave the house on February 15th… Last year I was in a car accident thanks to icy roads and my little Honda CRV’s seatbelt malfunctioned so I went through the airbag. This year Aaron and I took a little adventure and ended up with his truck stuck in the middle of no where with freezing temperatures but I guess I should start this  weekend wrap-up at the beginning….

– I baked cookies for Aaron!! Gasp! I baked! It’s not that I don’t like to bake, I just don’t think baking gives me the same creative liberties as cooking but these little lemon guys are Aaron’s favorite so I whipped him up a batch for Valentines day.



– Every Valentines weekend our church youth group hosts a couples dinner. They all help prep the food and then serve the couples. We have gone every year and love it!



– Saturday, Valentines Day, was the “big snowstorm” that left things looking lovely again.

– Yesterday… well that was February the 15th. Aaron and I love make hot cocoa and drive around in the winter. Sometimes I even take my camera to grab some landscape pics as we drive along. (We call these drive by shootings. Some camera humor for you.) Yesterday would have been like any other day except we really got off the beaten path and ended up on an unmaintained road at the top of Derry ridge. (AKA middle of no where.) What we though was a good place to turn around was not… it was steeper than we thought and Max, Aaron’s truck, got stuck. To make it all the better the nearest house was not very friendly looking and came complete with a no trespassing sign and an odd note left at the end of the driveway on a box stating the owner would kill whoever strive their dishwasher. Yes, I was panicking. If it wouldn’t have been so cold and if dusk would not have been upon us, I wouldn’t have been so worried. Thanks to our wonderful friend Tarah, her man, his best friend Dan and another not stuck truck we were out on our way to treat them to dinner by 9:00PM. Ahhh yet just another day in the life of the Jacksons.


Well, that was our fun and adventurous weekend. Happy Monday!

-Tiffany & Aaron